Starset - Ricochet (Official Music Video)

  • From the album VESSELS - available now
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    Story by Dustin Bates
    Written and Directed By Nick Peterson
    Produced By Alec Eskander - Escape Velocity
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    And we were bold
    Over the world
    We were flying through the satellites
    We had ahold
    of the lightning strikes
    When we should have been afraid of heights
    And I was trying just to get you
    And now I'm dying to forget you
    cause I knew I couldn't catch you
    so I left the sky
    and I fell behind
    We were one in the same
    Running like moths to the flame
    You'd hang on every word I'd say
    But now they only ricochet
    We were falling away
    You left me with a bittersweet taste
    but when I send my heart your way
    It bounces off the walls you made
    If I was whole
    I'd turn right now
    I'd forget it and just walk away
    Cause I've been told
    That I'm dragging it out
    But I've been dying just to see your face
    And all I wanted was to say goodbye
    into the fortress and you're stuck behind
    And in the silence now I realize
    That after all
    That I built the wall
    All these broken souls
    They never make me whole
    They don't know my heart
    All these broken souls
    Each one more beautiful
    They don't know my heart
    I'll send out my soul
    To worlds more beautiful
    But they won't know my heart
    It's the darkest part

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