1 Installing Python

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    This course will be continually updated and we answer all questions. We will continue updating content based on both user demand and changes in technology. If you have taken a previous bootcamp but still are struggling, this course will fill in the holes and have you applying Python on lots of different projects. Alot of courses made for Python 2 do not work anymore in Python 3 IDEs
    This is the only fullstack course that teaches you everything from basic frontend HTML to Python 3. Other courses have upgraded from Python 1 to Python 3, which uses OLD CODING CONVENTIONS. This is based on modern programming techniques from 2018!
    This is a large course, but it is still easy! The secret to this course is that to learn rapidly, we present information in small steps, so that no one step seems difficult. Of course, there are lots of steps, so the knowledge builds fast, but its on a very strong foundation.
    This is the definitely the most advanced yet simple Python fullstack course online. We can literally take someone with no programming experience and have them programming in 2 weeks (or faster if they study daily). Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to finally advance your skillset, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery and Python 3.
    With over 70 lectures and more than 30 hours of video this course is extremely comprehensive
    We cover a wide variety of topics, including:
    Bootstrap (to make responsive websites fast!)
    Javascript (to interact with users)
    jQuery (to further interact with users using clicks and mouseovers)
    Installing Python
    Running Python Code
    External Modules
    Object Oriented Programming
    Number Data Types
    Print Formatting
    Built-in Functions
    Debugging and Error Handling
    File I/O
    Advanced Methods
    Decorators/ Advanced Decorators
    and much more!

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