Fun Animal Medical Care - Take Care of the Cute Pony Sisters in The Best Pet Hospital

  • Take care of the cute Pony Sisters in the best pet hospital. Treat Molly's wounds, help Rainbow fight the flu, cure Rosie's pony pox and fix Britney's broken leg!
    Pony Sisters Pet Hospital has four little patients and needs a new horse doctor! Molly fell off the bike and hurt her leg. Runny nose, high temperature and red eyes - unicorn Rainbow is very sick with the flu and has to stay in bed! Pink pony Rosie suffers from pony-pox and itchy skin rash. Britney broke a leg and it hurts a lot. Make sweet little ponies happy and healthy again and be the best pet vet!
    Pony Sisters Pet Hospital horse vet games for kids and toddlers:
    · Run the best animal hospital and treat four cute ponies!
    · Choose who to treat first: Molly, Rainbow, Rosie or Britney!
    · Clean Molly's leg wound, apply healing gel and choose a colorful bandage!
    · Teach Molly about bike safety and dress her with a helmet and safety gear!
    · Learn how to treat unicorn flu, runny nose, cough and soar throat!
    · Make a nice cup of tea for Rainbow and let her stay in bed!
    · Cure Rosie's pony pox, make a fruit smoothie and check her heartbeat!
    · It's surgery time: disinfect, X-ray and fix Britney's broken leg!
    · Draw on Britney's plaster cast and paint it with your favorite colors!
    · Create a get-well-soon card and surprise your little patients!
    · Check the coin tree and watch short videos for kids to get more coins!
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