Time Boils The Rain - Wu Yifan (Kris Yang Dulunya Member EXO, Sekarang Gatau Deh Belom Jelas)

  • I love this song. Here is the lyrics for you who doesn"t familiar with Chinese. Lyrics translation credit: cfensi
    The wind blows the rain into blossoms
    Time can no longer catch the fairytales of youth
    Those dream talks in the palms of your youth, are you still holding them tight?
    The clouds turn and gush into summer
    The tears evaporate with the steam of time
    On this path, you, me, and her, has anyone lost their way?
    We said we"ll never separate, that we"ll be together forever and ever,
    even if we must fight against time, even if we must stand against the world.
    The wind blows, lighting the snowflakes, whitening our hair,
    Once we said we"ll venture into the world together, do you still remember?
    Midsummer of that year, we wished those infinitely large wishes
    Hand in hand, we became the canoes that rowed across the sad river.
    You said we"ll never separate, that we"ll be together forever and ever,
    now I want to ask you, were they only empty words of naivety?
    The years of innocence cannot bare to be betrayed.
    Through the wild youth I never left you.
    Snow storm, please don"t erase the prints of us together
    Snow storms cannot erase the memories we imprinted upon each other.
    What a night is this, amongst the lush green grass ,
    under the bright moon, I bade farewell to thee,
    until the autumn winds of longing blow again.

    Category : Ballad

    #mandarin pop#mando pop# m-pop kris exo wuyifan yifan #wu yifan#dulunya kris exo#sekarang belom jelas

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