Kaan feat. Kenan Doğulu & Radio Killer - Living It Up ( Official Music Video)

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    Verse 1
    we doin what we want
    we doin what we
    we gonna have some fun
    we gonna live our
    Turn the music up
    we gonna dance all
    All Night
    Cuz we livin it up
    can't nobody do it bigger than us
    name a pretty girl that isn't with us
    we livin it up
    First Class who's sicker than us?
    and makes more cash quicker than us
    you better get on the bus
    because we headed to the top
    party all night we ain't never gonna stop
    put your hands up when you hear the bass drop drop drop
    Tonight i'm living it up
    And it feels good doing what i want
    And i don't give a damn what you thinking
    Cuz i can do whatever i want
    Verse 2
    we gonna keep it up
    untl the break of
    because it feels so good
    I know it can't be
    you know the vibe is right
    when you can feel it
    Ain't nobody tellin me what to do
    what to say
    where to go
    I'm livin it up
    all around the world
    I'm international
    I gotta let you know
    I do whatever I want
    V-I-P I'm straight to the front
    Since tomorrow may never Come Come Come
    Tonight i'm living it up
    And it feels good doing what i want
    And i don't give a damn what you thinking
    Cuz i can do whatever i want x 2
    Lyrics: Fotios Stefos, Markus Bell, Harold Brown, Kenan Doğulu
    Music: Fotios Stefos, Alexandrescu Daniel, Markus Bell
    Arrangement: Stefano Carparelli
    Executive Producer: Fotios Stefos & Gnl Records Turkey
    (C) 2014 Fotios Stefos & Gnl Records
    (P) 2014 Firstclass Entertainment & Gnl Records
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