Bitsler strategy 2017 - Free faucet to 50k - part 3-

  • This is my 4th run. I thought I would show you the steps together. Good Luck!
    Double the first 1 or two faucets, I like to start with 5k sats "0.00005k"
    Then 33.77 Chance
    78.77% on losing events “increase”
    Base-bet 3 sats. "0.00000003"
    Watch at 4:50 minutes into the video for the strat change
    My favorite weapon -11 11 11-
    11% payout "9% Chance"
    11% on losing events “increase”
    Base-bet 11 sats "0.00000011 BTC"
    You need to watch this rolling as it can hit many reds in a row but it’s quite safe…” nothing is safe”
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