The best Life Inspirational Speech: Make Your Life Extraordinary

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  • TwEky Mihai
    TwEky Mihai
    • TwEky Mihai
      • ev
        ev I would do all this... if i had the money :(
        • Haze Newman
          Haze Newman honestly, I have no clue what I'll be when I'm older, I'm 14 years old and scared of the future and unsure where I'll be, and this, this video right here is what I want to do, at least, travel, I want to see the world and explore but when it comes to education and careers, what's the point?! I mean we are all small spects of flesh that are put onto this planet for such a short period of time, and what we do in our lifetime will most likely not make a difference in society today. And I just don't know anymore, I really don't
          • kabayan
            kabayan Haze Newman i think most (i mean a lot) of people don't know what they will be or do when they older, including me. and i think that is what made me unhappy about my life, knowing that you can be anyone by realizing your potentials, i realize now that that same thought is also the source of my unhappiness because you think you're better than your condition, that also made you arrogant.
            be thankful for what you have, be grateful, that is the source of happiness.
            dreams doesn't come true in one night, you take your steps little by little, it's a dedication and hardwork.
            you're 14, enjoy your time. you might find your dreams along the way.
          • Aya B
            Aya B I feel the same and I'm afraid of doing the wrong thing.
          • Jay Wu
            Jay Wu Haze Newman don't worry. As long as you have enough money. Life is simpler. You're troubled because you're poor and fat and ugly. Watching this video is not gonna change who you are
          • Aya B
            Aya B Jay Wu Idk if its sarcastic or not
        • stephane fontaine
          stephane fontaine Absolutely stunning, we are so foolish to think mere chance created all this. We love the creation but despise the creator, like self-centered children enjoying good gifts from a parent but never humbling ourselves and saying: Why all this? Why all these good gifts? This God beeing so rich in wonder wouldn't he have a higher purpose than looking at our own belly bouton? Can"t we see that what captivates us the most is not what is inside of us, but what is outside of us?
        • ado fonconi
          ado fonconi I wish I didn't take life so seriously
          I wish I didn't take life so seriously
          I wish I didn't take life so seriously
          I wish I lived more
          I wish I gave more happiness to my family
          I wish I knew how precious life was
          how fleeting, how special, and at the same time fragile and insignificant
          I wish I didn't give up on my dream so easy
          One day life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching!
          When we'll look back on our life, in our last breaths,
          We will all wonder: did my life mean anything?
          Did my life mean anything to this world?
          Was I loved?
          Did I have an impact on anyone else's life?
          Did I matter?

          We won't be worried about our bills
          We won't be worried about our hair
          We certainly won't care about our favourite tv show
          We won't spare a second thought of others opinions and judgments
          Did I matter?
          Before you reach that last breath today might be the time to make a change
          Make your life matter
          One day it will be over
          There will be two dates either side of the dash
          Make sure that dash is not empty
          Make sure it is full of life, full of living
          Oscar Wilde once said:
          To live is the rarest thing in the world ,most people exist, that is all
          And he was right, don't live like everyone else: existing
          Be extraordinary
          Live every moment with passion
          And wonder, don't take anything or anyone for granted
          What is important to you?
          What dreams do you have? Go get them!
          What are you waiting for?
          You only have one shot. If you miss the target, at least you will live with pride knowing you have no regrets
          Who do you love?
          Who has loved you?
          Tell them, tell them now!
          You never know when it will be your last chance
          Don't take this magical thing called life for granted
          Keep your head, when everyone else is loosing theirs
          Trust yourself, when everyone else doubts you
          Master your dreams, when all others give up on theirs
          Be the captain, when everyone else is content being the crew
          Be the lion when all others are playing sheep
          Be the leader, when all others are following
          Live each day as if it may be your last on earth. It may be!
          Live your legacy!

          **Shia Le Beuf slowly walking away as the music kicks in**
        • fer hernand
          fer hernand alguien que traduzca.....plissss
          • Rive X
            Rive X that moment you remember you have school tomorrow
            • DrinksOnYou
              DrinksOnYou what do I do as a 14 year old boy ...
            • SireN
              SireN "I wish I didn't take life so seriously..."
              *proceeds to do a very serious music video*
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