Dillon Francis - Say Less (ft. G-Eazy) (Official Music Video)

  • Dylon dylon with the boom pownEvery week now I switch to a new stylenTwo 12s in the back just blew outnEverything I do end up in the news now nnLeave the club with a Few now nJust some Hollywood girls and they do chownI'm drunk, I'm drunk in the mood nown2 am what you wanna do now?nWhat you wanna do now?nnLook baby Pass the Stella nDon't spill on me That's margiellangot this Oakland game to tell hernGoddamn She look familiar think we hooked up At coachellanWhat's her name? Isabella? isa uhhh... forget itnnThat's like a week agonBut we both know how weekends gonTryna function Got some places we could gonLock jaw got me speakin slow like...nnI'm blessed on blessednI don't g a f o snU Tryna fuck?nYes on yes on yes on yesnn---nSay LessnRepeatn---nnAy girl ay girl What it do donIf u got friends cool bring a few thrunNo fun if the homies can't have none nR I P Nate dogg shit is Too true nnAnd you know what I'm down fornRound 2, Round 3 into round 4nMood switched when she knocked At the Front doornNext up was the UproarnnThats like a week ago nBut we both know how weekends gonTryna tuck off got some places we could gonSwear she got the deepest throat like wownnShe's blessed on blessed nI just looked she sent a textnYou tryna fucknYes on yes on yes on yesn----nnWhat you sayin? I don't understand (sheesh)nI'm out my mind I popped another xan (goddamn)nI Swear this lock jaw got me Stuttering (sheesh)nGirl You so fine I'd fall in love again (goddamn)nnGettin faded is my Favorite rush (sheesh)nYou talkative ain't gotta say too much (be quiet)nWho got some grapes I'm tryna Roll some trees (sheesh)nUppers n downers I'm off both of these nnGettin, fadednNot complicatednToo sedatednNo conversation nnPlease, say less

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