Naked Water (Project Greenlight Submission 2014)


4 years ago

  • Naked Water (Project Greenlight Submission 2014)
    A man with a broken heart after his girlfriend's death in their car accident tries to save her but wakes up from his half past dead experience to his rescue by a group of campers. Will he go back to that world again to save her?
    Peter Pham, Trixie Nguyen, TC Nguyen, Johnson Khanthavongsay, Teresa Tran, Queen Phan, Austin Nguyen, Ricky Dang
    "The Ghost Song" theme music by:
    Max Ablitzer
    Action choreography by:
    Sifu Peter Pham, using Wing Chun Baat Cham Dao
    Directed by:
    Ken Dinh
    Filmed / Edited / Scored by:
    Ken Dinh and PNKCOM crew.

    Category : Entertainment


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