FAIL Compilation || JUNE 2013 || WEEK 1 || Monthly Fails

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    Hello Guys!
    Glad to be here again with you! Today compilation contains really extra stuff - starting with a brave try to perform GTA on the streets of Brisbane (00:03) ...Do you remember, that I promised to give you something extra this week? Yes, that's true. I am going to publish one more compilation on Friday, it would be devoted to... I'll keep it in secret now, just wait till Friday. Coming back to our present compilation, don't forget to watch
    brave men shooting Mosin-Nagant in the forest. It seems to me, that they forgot how powerful a 7,62 mm full metal jacket can be! I belive that it is really awesome fail! (00:28). There are also some classic video - notice the epic crush nuts bmx jump (00:35), as well as quite new way of palying golf (01:45). What more, pay attention to young crossbow masters trying their new lethal incendiary weapon (02:56)! And on the end - the most creative and satanic way of painting the flat - these guys just made my day!:D (05:25) So, it's seems to me that it's proper idea to traditionally ask you, which of fails is the fake one - don't hesitate to answer in comments. Keep cool and wait till next Tuesday... NO!:) see you on Friday! ;)

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