RiceGum - God Church ( Official Music Video )

  • DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: itun.es/us/Sm9slbnGO LISTEN ON SPOTIFYn[Lyrics]nI was broke but I'm living in the hills nownI was crazy but this ice made me chill out nNo 20s I need blue on my billsnI'm not like Kylie Jenner everything I got is real nownWhen I'm out you be starin like a sight see-er n I will not call her my baby I'm not like Bieber nI don't ever give a f like a nice teachernF*** it I'm just keeping it 100 like a high fevernThought I told you that you need to go and wash your face nYoure 17 Shes 21 you trynna catch a casenDM after DM you was trynna take me on a date nGo vlog stop rapping trynna ride the f***in wave (Splash)nThey used to hate tell me that I wasn't going far nLook at me now I be pullin up in foreign cars nWhich one? nB***h I cannot pick one nHe said it's the rari or the range or the big one (Aye)nY'all ain't, really doing much nNah y'all ain't cool with usnHate on me you f**ked up in the head, like Supercuts nI'm in the hills just Uber upnI'm not paying I do enoughnYour girl like blac chyna, cuz all she wanna do is f*** n[Hook]nOuu nYour girl on the track she sound better than younSomeone dissed me I don't know I'm like who nsaid I cashed out from last song it's true nAnd yeah I just spent your whole rent on some shoes nI hit the club and I'm leaving with two nVerified cuz all these checks that I bluenYour girl on the track she sound better than younSomeone dissed me I don't know I'm like whon [Verse 2]nShut yo a** up nGo and get your cash up nShe done got ran through nMagcon nsmashed up nYour man gave you followers don't know why you gassed up nI'm running with the subs and the views you can't catch up nUsed to be a big fan I'm your f**in idol nHit me up tried to link but I'm not a bio nCan't rap like those blonde brothers from Ohio nNow I got em all doing songs trynna take my style (Aye) nMoney talks yeah my money gets annoying (Aye!)nJuice digger chase the clout from your boyfriend (Aye!)nB**ch I got more plugs than modem (Aye!)nI got carrots in my ice like a snowman (Aye!)nHow you gonna let your girl have a better versenThat's your girl? She a stick, she ain't got curves nShe a h** yeah You fell into the th*t curse nDropped merch and it's selling like a god churchnn↓ FOLLOW ME! I will 100% FOLLOW BACK ↓n► Instagram: instagram.com/rice n►Twitter: twitter.com/ricegum n► Snapchat: RiceGumsnnnThank you for everyone that HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO POSSIBLE IN 1 DAY!nFilmed/Edited- www.instagram.com/gioespino/ nCars- @Wasta , @RichyrobbnThank you - Sommerray, Alissa Violet, Banks, Lenatheplug, saxonpaigesharbino, adam, Mitch nArt/LV Gucci Statue- @jay.v.art

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