Advanced Rechargeable Vibrators in 2018 | Rechargeable Sex Toys Reviews

  • 2019 is just days away and as we bid goodbye to 2018, Adam and Eve has something to tell us all -- This week, I will reveal to you the most advanced rechargeable sex toys in 2018! They are not classic and ordinary vibrators that you can just easily get at the store. They are considered to be luxurious and high-quality vibrators which have a rechargeable feature that embraces the power of dynamic technology.
    The advancement of technology has spread in so many ways even in the sex toys industry, in fact, more and more people are embracing the trend of wanting to get and hoard for state-of-the-art sex toys. Not only it boosts their sexual fantasy collection toys but it would make their sex even more comfortable, less hassle and most of all, pleasurable!
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    USB Rechargeable toys are at the highest peak now! And for sure, its trend will continue for the next years to come! Why worry about battery power when you can just charge your favorite vibrators anytime?
    And yes, if you are hauling for an advanced and highest premium grade sex toys, make sure that it is silicone made and is fully USB Rechargeable sex toys. That makes a great combination!
    Adam and Eve Clit Boppin Bunny
    Clit Boppin Bunny is a perfect silicone vibrator that has a very futuristic battery charging feature-- It can be charged using its USB magnetic charger with its cable wired included in its packaging. Its smoothness makes this rabbit vibrator a high tech vibrator. Don't be deceived! This elegant looking bunny vibrator can ravage you in bed! It has 3 motors that can really mess your hair and your bed as you play with this advance rabbit vibrator. It has 10 different individual motor speeds vibrations and pulsations, for a total of almost 100 different combinations of vibrations! Well, that is too much, but nothing to worry, you can always charge this vibrating bunny massager and once fully charged, go for another round of crazy, wild and intense orgasm!
    Screaming O Scoop Rechargeable Massager
    A curved design vibrator which is ergonomically shaped is ideal for targeted g spot stimulation and in all other areas of your body. It can pinpoint directly to your lady bits! It is super smooth and flexible. With 20 different rumbling and powerful vibrations, I swear you will have more chances of getting more and more orgasms as you play with this silicone clit vibrator. Charging Screaming O Scoop is as easy as plugging it on a USB cable and wait until its fully recharged. Super easy to clean and friendly user advance vibrator too.
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