Fun Animal Pet Care - Kids Learn How to Care and Clean Cute Animals Little Dream Farm

  • Fun Animal Pet Care - Kids Learn How to Care and Clean Cute Animals Little Dream Farm. Preview of "Little Dream Farm" by Libii Tech Limited. This great kids app is available for: iPad, iPhone & Android!
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    Dear friends, you may never know how wonderful the rural life is when you spend your whole life in the city. Have you ever dreamed of starting up your own farm or living off the land?
    If yes!Welcome to Little Dream Farm where you can live a perfect laid-back rural life. Everything is ready here but you, hurry to take care of this land: treat the piglets, milk the cows and bake cakes. You can also enjoy the fun of growing and harvesting crops, and finally turn the little plot of land into an ever more idyllic place. Besides, you've got the chance to renovate this place with the fabulous decorations we offered.
    Now pack up and settle down here, you'll totally become a real master of this rich fairy land.
    How to play:
    Open the game, you can click the order button at the bottom right and then do the tasks under the instruction. In return, you'll get great amount of coins as award by completing the tasks. Or you can do whatever as you wish. For example, if you want to help that poor piglet, please click the pigsty and choose "cure"to treat it with medical instruments. Then please cool it by sponging its body and give it an injection. At last, don't forget to label the qualified piggy.
    Let's see what else we can do. Look, there's a sheepfold, click it to shear the sheep. Is that too easy for you? Well, why not roll up your sleeves to clean up the sheepfold and repair it with a hammer. Moreover, you can also enjoy the self-sufficiency life on this fertile land: growing and harvesting are available, and tasty cakes can be baked by yourself thanks to the bakery.
    Though the place is a feast to eyes, you can make it even more amazing. You'll see plenty of well-selected decorations by clicking the button at the bottom left. If you want to save the impressive images, the camera icon allows you to take a picture of the vivid 3D scenes from any angle. This place delivers what it promises, play first, and judge later!

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