The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough" by Marisa Peer

  • Through touching stories of helping burnt-out Hollywood celebrities, regular clients, and even her own family, Marisa Peer teaches us how to feel “enough” and shatter our limitations. If you like this video, you'll love Marisa's free masterclass on Mindvalley Academy:
    01:01 3 Things that you need to know about your brain in order to achieve anything
    02:41 Story of a Celebrity that Marisa consulted
    12:13 Story of Marisa’s Daughter
    20:43 What your mind listens to
    25:45 Make Praise familiar and make Criticism unfamiliar
    33:20 How to trick your brain in different situation
    37:32 Story of getting rid of the fear of flights of a person by tricking her brain
    40:42 Recap of the Lessons
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