BiBi feat. Jimmy Dub & KLYDE - Road to Monaco (Lyric Video)

  • Subscribe to your favourite music: www.Roton.ronBooking: booking@roton.ronnComposed by: Cristian Tarcea, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, Eric Turner, Julimar Santos Oliveira Neponuceno nLyrics by: Eric Turner, Julimar Santos Oliveira NeponucenonArranged by: Cristian Tarcea, Cornel UrsachenPublished by: Roton Music Publishing, Empire Music Managementn© & (P) 2017 ROTON MUSIC nnLyrics / Versuri:nnDrive, something like a hundred on the freewaynFinal destination, take the fast lanenI can feel the rhythm of your beat babenAnd I love it, yeah oohnnMove it don't stop it (Adelante)nI wanna know your name (Adelante)nHey mami dame mas (Adelante)nOnly for me ohnMove it don't stop it (Adelante)nI wanna feel your taste (Adelante)nHey mami dame mas (Adelante)nOnly for me ohnnStay another day, another day nMaybe all your life, kissing you while you drivenThe road to Monaco, AndalenStay another day, maybe all your lifenEvery sun will rise, perfect with younnI, I can break the walls it could be easynRumble in the cage you won't believe itnI can feel the rhythm of your beat babenAnd I love it, yeah oohnnRoton Music TV is the channel where hitmakers gather!nWith more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, Roton earned its position in the top of the most important labels in Romania.nStarting with 2011, Roton is the Warner Music Licensee for Romania.nThe artists we represent are one of the most successful in Romania and also were a huge breakthrough in the international market, topping radio and sales around the world.nRoton is home of artists such as Inna, Fly Project, Akcent, Alexandra Stan, Antonia, Corina, Anda Adam, Amna, Connect-R, Maxim, Sandra N, Radio Killer, Andreea Balan and many more.nWe post new amazing videos and hits at least twice a week. Some of our playlists are updated weekly. We update "FreshlyBaked" playlist every Wednesday while "SuperWeekend" is updated every Friday.nOur music is available here, so tune in and enjoy it!

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